Privacy Policy

We strongly believe in your privacy policy so we can protect your personal information. If you want to contact our team regarding any kind of query, you will need to share your contact information with us. Our team make sure not to pass that information to any third party who can make use of that contact information for their personal benefits.

We Protect your Name and Email Information

Our team always make sure to protect your Name and Email so that you can share your contact information without any kind of doubts. We will carry you contact information till we have not provided the solution for your queries.

Privacy Policy for Children

We never suggest children below the age 16 to share their contact information with our team. If you are a guardian or parent of a child who have shared his/her contact information with us, you can surely contact us for help.

Collecting the Browser Cookies

We collect the browser cookies so we can serve you with more effective search results. We make sure to provide you only the services that you should be served with.

We have all rights reserved so that we make changes in the Privacy Policy without any kind of notice in advance.


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