Nest Cam Setup

Nest Cam setup is very much easy to perform so you can do the Nest Cam configuration by yourself. We are here going to explain the complete steps for Nest Cam Setup so you can enjoy the videos at high definition mode later when required.

  • Download the Nest App for your Smart Device

First you will need to download the Nest App for your smart device. You can download the Smart App at free of cost for your smart devices. After downloading the Nest App, you can “Sign Up” for the Nest App account creation.

  • You Will Need to Add your Nest Camera to the Nest Account

Once you have successfully sign up for the Nest App account, you can add the Nest camera to your Nest App account. You will need to choose whether you want to add the indoor cam or you want to add the Nest outdoor cam at your account. If you already having a Nest product, you can add them to the list. All these Nest Cam setups are possible only after accessing the Nest App for your smart device.

  • Scan the QR Code for your Nest Cam Setup

You will now need to scan the QR code for your Nest Cam. The QR code you can find at the backside of the Nest Camera. If the QR scanning is not working, you can manually add the serial number here.

  • Give your Nest Cam a Unique Name

After adding the serial number for the Nest Cam setup, you will need to give a unique name to your Nest Cam. You will also need to choose the location where you want to locate your Nest Cam.

  • Simply PlugIn your Nest Cam

You will now need to provide power supply to your Nest Cam. Plug in the power adapter you have received with the Nest Cam to the power socket.

  • Create the WiFi Connections for Nest Cam Setup

You will need to connect your Nest Cam with the WiFi connections.  Choose the WiFi network you want to get connected with and fill the login details so you can access the WiFi connections for your Nest Cam.

After that, you are all set to enjoy the Nest Cam configurations. You can also create account for the Nest Cam Cloud. Using the Cloud account for the Nest Cam all the recorded videos will be stored to a remote location. If you need more information regarding Nest Cam configuration, Nest Cam app for mac, Nest Cam troubleshooting, Nest Cam a00005, login, login dropcam, www dropcam login, Nest dropcam login you can explore the blog session for help.


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