Nest App

What if you can control all the Nest products using a single window interface? Yes, that is possible and all it is possible using the “Nest App”. Simply download the Nest App for your smart devices and you can easily control all the Nest devices at your palm. No matter what operating systems you are using for your smart devices, you can easily enjoy Nest App for your devices.

Access your Nest Thermostat using Nest App

Nest Thermostat is the best device you can own for controlling the temperature of your home. You can easily control maximum and lowest temperature for your home. Nest App allows you to control the Nest Thermostat from any remote locations. All you need to do is, install Nest Thermostat for your home, access the Nest Thermostat Login page and create account for thermostat. You are now all ready to download the Nest App for your smart device and you can access the Nest Thermostat settings and Nest Thermostat Installations using your smart phone.

Access Nest Outdoor Cam using Nest App

If you have installed the Nest Outdoor cameras for your home security, you can use the Nest App for controlling the Nest cameras. All the outdoor Nest cameras are easily accessible using the Nest App for the advance and genuine settings.

Control Nest Indoor Cam using Nest App

Nest Indoor cameras are best to choose if you need to make sure the security for the home. Nest App allows you controlling the indoor Nest cameras. You can configure the notification settings for the Nest Indoor cameras using the Nest Application. You can download the Nest App for your smart devices and you are capable to control your Nest devices using the smart devices you are using.

Configure the Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm using Nest App

Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm is best device to install in your home so you can make sure that your home is fully protected from any kind of accident or fire attack. Go to the play store if you are using android phone and install the Nest App for your device. You can make the Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm setting and configurations using the smart phone.

Enjoy Every Moment Captured by Nest Cam using the Nest Application

You can rewind all the recorded moments by Nest Cameras that are stored at the cloud account. Install the Nest App for your device and you can make sure to access following advance features.

  • All the videos saved at Nest Cam cloud account can be access using the Nest App.
  • You can also access the activity zones using the Nest App for the videos recorded by Nest Camera.
  • You can even access the custom clips using the Nest App recorded by the Nest cameras.
  • You can also turn the videos into small clips using the Nest App.

Using Nest App All Nest Products can Work Together

All the Nest products you have installed in your home can communicate together if any kind of abnormal activity is happening at your location. For example, if the Nest smoke detector is detecting any kind of smoke, Nest Cam will automatically start.

Nest App will Do Everything If you are Away from Home

Forgot to turn Off the lights and AC when you living your home? Do not worry, Nest App is there for you. Simply download the Nest App for your Smart Phone and you can enjoy the enjoy the trouble free Nest product controls from remote locations.

Create Nest App Account for Every Family Member

If you want to share the Nest product controls with all your family members, this is possible using the Nest App. Simply install the Nest App for your smart devices and create different counts for all the family members. Create Nest App account for all the family members and control the Nest devices from remote location.

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